Math Explorer

Math Explorer builds confidence and prepares your child for kindergarten math and beyond.

Kid Playing Math Explorer Learning Math

Imagine seeing your son or daughter smile. Now imagine hearing your child laugh. Now imagine your child smiling and laughing as they learn math. That’s right — learn math! That’s the power of Math Explorer.

Math Explorer will help prepare your child for Kindergarten level math and beyond. Help your son or daughter prepare now so they build the confidence to conquer kindergarten and carry that confidence with them for the rest of their life.

As your child plays, Math Explorer adjusts curriculum to work on problem areas.

Parents receive a free weekly report on their child's progress.

Math Explorer presents important concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction as fun and unintimidating through the use of games and storytelling.

Your child will explore bright and unique worlds filled with games designed specifically to embed mathematical knowledge. Each world presents a new concept and allows your child to progress at their own level as if through a tailored curriculum. Once the child has a firm grasp of the concept we introduce something new but continuously sprinkle in items from past lessons to firmly reinforce the concepts.

Math Explorer Learn Addition Scene
Math Explorer's curriculum is based on the US Common Core standard and covers important concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, comparison and geometry in a fun and unintimidating way. Each lesson is narrated and reinforces numerical concepts by representing numbers both textually and as a set of objects.

Math Explorer contains no banner ads or distractions. We are completely focused on helping your child learn.

Interactive games and fun rewards motivate children to learn and improve.

Math Explorer is different from other top education games because it engages children like no other. Watch your child light up as they explore a beautifully animated jungle. Your child solves various math problems in order to further explore this world and after finishing each lesson is presented with a unique and exciting animal to add to their own jungle. This reward style of education motivates the child and they will be begging to play and learn!

Math Explorer Motivational Jungle Collection
Math Explorer motivates your child to learn by using math skills to solve problems and explore the beautifully animated jungle. At the end of each completed lesson your child will be presented with a new unique and exciting animal for his or her own jungle collection!

Each problem is narrated and reinforces mathematically concepts by representing numbers both textually and visually with fruits, counters, blocks and other representations.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Math Explorer today and get your child started on the path to success!